SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Attends Eric Nam’s Concert With Fans’ Help, And Eric Has The Best Reaction

Eric Nam and SEVENTEEN are truly fated!

Somehow, K-Pop idols make it to singer-songwriter Eric Nam‘s concerts even across the globe!

Eric Nam performing on “2022 There And Back Again World Tour.” | @ericnamofficial/Twitter

Eric Nam is currently on his 2022 There And Back Again World Tour. His most recent concert was in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital.

Eric Nam performing on “2022 There And Back Again World Tour.”  | @enmgmt/Twitter

A fan in attendance noticed something on multiple phone screens during the concert as everyone was waving their phones’ flashlights during Eric’s performance. It appeared to be that there were three CARATs (SEVENTEEN fans) next to each other, all with Mingyu as their lockscreen.

Not just any Mingyu photo, though. The three fans in attendance had all changed their lockscreen to his recent Instagram post that sent the internet crazy due to visuals, particularly those muscular arms!

If you don’t believe the story that multiple fans were waving their phones, featuring Mingyu, at Eric’s concert, and instead think that the photo was edited… Well, here is video evidence:

And, of course, Nam Nation knows already, but Eric Nam stays lurking. So, he saw the video taken at the concert and left a cute comment, saying that he was glad Mingyu could make it to his show!

Another fan responded to Eric Nam, promising to take him to see SEVENTEEN in concert as everyone has been stressed about getting tickets to SEVENTEEN 2022 WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN]. Yet, Eric reassured them it was okay because he had seen them in concert and they are truly great performers!

It seems like Eric Nam and SEVENTEEN are somehow destined! On a previous episode of the DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, Eric revealed he keeps running into the members. Watch the video below:

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