SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Gets Unexpectedly Real About How Part Of Seungkwan’s Idol Image Is Created

“I know that the image you portray in the team makes you…”

SEVENTEEN recently took a friendship test, it led Mingyu to get unexpectedly real about how he thinks part of Seungkwan‘s image has been created.

Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram
Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

The members were all asked to vote for a member in different categories, including who they’d want to enter a dance competition with or who is the messiest person. They had fun calling each other out, with S.Coups commenting on Vernon‘s messy tendencies by asking him if he’d cleaned up his delivery boxes yet. Vernon hilariously opted to skip the question.

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When asked to write down the member who is always running late, the SEVENTEEN members did not hesitate to put down Seungkwan. He won by unanimous vote!

Yet, despite Seungkwan’s reputation for being late, Mingyu had to disagree. He said, “I know that the image you portray in the team makes you come even later than you intended.” This seemed to suggest that it wasn’t just that Seungkwan is naturally late, but rather that it’s partially an image that was created.

He then went on to say, “They make you late on purpose.”

The members were maybe not expecting him to get so real about their image or how it’s created. Woozi hilariously concluded the discussion with, “Even so, you are still late,” which Seungkwan had to agree with.

Nothing stops the members from being real!

Watch the full clip on the link below.

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