SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Sends Fans Into A Meltdown With His Smoking Hot Shirtless Photos

Are you still alive, CARATs?!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu never fails to remind everyone that his visuals are top tier!


As part of their Be The Sun world tour, SEVENTEEN recently visited Vancouver, Canada, and took a well-deserved break prior to hitting the stage.

For Mingyu, this meant a trip to the beach where he watched the sunset, drank beer, and relaxed.

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He also did not forget to give his followers something to scream over by releasing several photos of himself playing beach volleyball. Donned in only a short pair of red swim trunks, Mingyu was confident in showing off his incredible physique.

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His defined pecs and abs were on full display and fans were completely—and understandably—shook.

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Seunkwan‘s presence was the cherry on top of an already-iconic photoset.

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Best yet, the picture that really made the rounds was a backless shot of Mingyu at a park. He wore yet another pair of shorts that helped emphasize his wide shoulders and defined arms.

CARATs took to Twitter to express their surprise and happiness at his sudden show of skin.

Some even brought out their art skills and “dressed” him modestly…

…while others couldn’t help but attribute Hoshi‘s own recent beach photo to Mingyu’s tendency to tease fans.

After all, the younger member often releases heart-stopping pictures of himself on Instagram.

| min9yu_k/Instagram

| min9yu_k/Instagram

At the end of the day, fans agreed that there were few luckier people on earth than the Canadians who crossed paths with Mingyu on his day off.

Don’t you agree?

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