SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Interaction With A Foreigner Is 100% Wholesome

Mingyu can catch anyone’s attention—even at the airport.

As SEVENTEEN departed Korea to kick off the North American leg of their world tour BE THE SUN, an interaction between Mingyu and a foreigner has fans UWUing over the cute moment.


As the group walked through the airport with their staff members, Mingyu was more than happy to wave to all the fans who’d been waiting for them. There was someone else who wanted to join in on the fun too.

While a few members passed by and Mingyu kept his eyes on fans, a foreign man decided to wave to him as well.

Instead of simply waving back, Mingyu politely bowed in greeting to the foreign man. The moment immediately caught fans’ interest as they joked the man was “just happy to be there” and “they for sure didn’t know who he is.

Carats couldn’t help loving the man’s shy wave and that he was drawn into Mingyu’s “friendly aura” despite not seeming to know he was an idol.

It looks like strangers can’t even resist Mingyu’s warm and welcoming personality.