SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s New Photos Have Netizens “Confused” About His Unexpected Footwear

“I love you but-…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu posted some new and handsome photos, but netizens couldn’t stop staring at his feet.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

Since debuting, Mingyu has always had this unreal aura when performing, showcasing himself as an all-rounder.


Along with his amazing performance skills and charm, Mingyu is known for his killer visuals. He always loves treating fans to handsome AF photos on Instagram.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram

On February 8, Mingyu posted some photos on Instagram.

The members have been taking some well-earned rest after hectic schedules, and Mingyu was seen leaving the country with Joshua. Yet, the photo really took netizens by surprise because Mingyu looked extremely handsome, and it took CARATs’ breath away.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram

Yet, while the first photos screamed “Boyfriend material,” netizens were shocked when they saw the last two. In particular, while Mingyu was still handsome AF, they couldn’t help but look directly at the idol’s feet. With the romantic vibes of the post, it wasn’t surprising that the bright blue and white shoes stood out.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram

While they looked like slippers or socks, netizens realized that Mingyu was actually wearing designer loafers from the brand MARNI. Considering he traveled with member Joshua (who has attended events for the brand), it wasn’t too surprising that he was wearing the designer.

Yet, the uniqueness of the shoes and how different they were from the rest of Mingyu’s look unsurprisingly sparked hilarious jokes online. In particular, many pointed out that while Mingyu is handsome and fans love him, they couldn’t forgive the shoes.

On top of that, with the bright shoes and handsome AF vibes of the photo, netizens then noticed that Mingyu used the somber track “What Was I Made For?” from Billie Eilish, which once again created a whole wave of emotions in one photo.

Even in the comments, netizens couldn’t hide their laughter at the random mixture of things to notice in Mingyu’s Instagram post.

Of course, Mingyu isn’t the first idol to catch the attention of fans because of his footwear, but you can read about another time the idol had fans LOL’ing below.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Latest Instagram Post Has Fans Split Over His Choice Of Footwear

Source: @min9yu_k