Recent Photos Of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Prove That He Looks Most Gorgeous When Given The Right Foundation Shade

No more whitewashing K-Pop idols!

Whitewashing is an ongoing problem in the K-Pop industry. Idols with skin that’s on the tanner side are often edited to look lighter, which is incredibly frustrating because tan skin is beautiful!

Jungkook (BTS) whitewashed vs. unwhitewashed

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is an idol who is known to naturally be on the tanner side. He’s also constantly praised for his visuals, and it’s easy to see why!


Frustratingly, however, since he has slightly darker-toned skin than what is deemed the so-called “beauty standard” in K-Pop, his beautiful skin tone is frequently washed out to make him look paler and not at all like himself. Other times, he’s just made to wear foundation shades that are far too light on him.

Recently, however, photos of Mingyu have been circulating on social media for a good reason: It seems that whoever did his makeup at this time did a wonderful job of matching his foundation to his skin tone!

Carats are praising whoever was in charge of his styling that day, and we agree with them.

We would love to see more K-Pop idols feel comfortable and confident with their natural skin tone, and for the pressure of being paler to be removed from the industry completely!