Here’s What Makes SEVENTEEN So Successful, According To Mingyu

This is what he believes is their secret to success!

Over the years, SEVENTEEN have established themselves as a top K-Pop boy group, and are known for their hit songs, intricate choreographies, and top-notch variety personalities!

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

And in a recent interview, SEVENTEEN talked about their time together as a group, and also touched upon the secret to their success so far! The group sat down for an interview with Sakshma Srivastav of E Now, where they talked about their music, their fans, and more!

One of the questions was directed at Mingyu, and he was asked to talk about SEVENTEEN’s reason for success throughout the years!

Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

Mingyu commented on the close bond he shares with the rest of his members, and said that while not necessarily a secret, he believes the reason why they’ve been able to do so well for so long is because of their teamwork, and because of their consistency!

I’m not sure if we can call this a ‘secret’ so to say, but I think a key factor for us was consistency. The fact that we don’t give up, nor are we discouraged, and that we just keep on doing what we can given the circumstances played a role in getting where we are today.


He then humbly also acknowledged how lucky they’ve been to have the opportunities they did, but still maintains that there isn’t only one factor that led to them being where they are today!

But I think luck also played a part for us. Personally, I’m not sure there is a specific factor we can point to as a ‘special secret’.


Vernon also added how much they have to thank their fans for as well, because without Carats, there is no SEVENTEEN!

Watch them talk about it here!

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