SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu’s Sweet Attempt At Speaking English To A Fan Is Ridiculously Endearing

He did his best! 😂

While Joshua and Vernon are the most fluent English-speakers of SEVENTEEN, some of the other members seem to be trying to become more fluent in the language.

English is a difficult language to learn, though, so it can’t be expected to be a quick and easy process! Despite this, however, they did just release their first all-English single, “Darl+ing”, which is a masterpiece.

Recently, Mingyu was put on the spot by a Carat to show off some of his English-speaking skills, and his response to the request was nothing short of adorable.

| Pledis Entertainment

On the social media app Bubble, the Carat made the request in both English and Korean, speaking politely but clearly hoping for an answer. And they definitely got what they wanted!

Check out the interaction below.

The messages in order read:

Carat: Darling do you speak English? Talk with me in English, start!

Mingyu: I can speak English

Mingyu: A little…

Mingyu: Umm…

Mingyu: See You Later Alligator

Mingyu: ❤

Mingyu: I’m out..

Reactions to the adorable interaction are very relatable!

Maybe Joshua or Vernon will teach him more cute English phrases in the future for him to share with fans! 😂