SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Reveals He Thought Hoshi Hated Him During Trainee Days

The unexpected confession amused Hoshi and the rest of SEVENTEEN.

While SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua caused many rounds of laughter as the MC in the first half of GOING SEVENTEEN 2020‘s thirty-ninth episode, everyone dialed it back in the second half for heartfelt moments where they revealed what each member meant to them.

Along the way, Mingyu caused laugher by sharing the way he’d thought Hoshi viewed him during their trainee days.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

After the members wrapped up Dino‘s long stream of Hoshi’s positive qualities, Mingyu switched gears entirely.

He made Jeonghan and the rest of the members crack up by confessing, “Hoshi hyung, I think you really hated me when we were trainees.

Even Hoshi burst into a bright smile as he laughed. Mingyu finished by sharing that he no longer felt that way, “But now I think you like me a bit, so I’m glad.

Shouting across the distance, Hoshi revealed that Mingyu’s thinking hadn’t been accurate at all. He cutely yelled, “No.” That still had Dino cracking up.

Mingyu ended the moment on a sweet note, “Let’s not fight and let’s not act out. I love you.” Hoshi adorably agreed.

See Mingyu drop an unexpected bombshell that had SEVENTEEN laughing and Hoshi explaining it was far from true.