SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Recent “Glow With Me” For 1st Look Korea Screams Boyfriend Material

Would you glow with him?

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is often recognized for his incredible boyfriend material and his recent video “Will you Glow With Me” for 1st Look Korea definitely proves it.

The video starts off with a gorgeous shot of Mingyu lying in bed and on a call, probably with you!

Next, Mingyu stopped everyone’s hearts with a charming wink while holding up a product for Laura Mercier! His visuals are soft, yet bold!

Expect a bunch of cute video calls and pictures from Mingyu as well! Just like a good boyfriend should, Mingyu is always checking on you.

While the casual and cozy look always scream boyfriend material, nothing beats the charm of a man in a suit! He’s the perfect prince charming.

Of course, later on in the relationship, Mingyu will pop the very important question, “Will you glow with me?” Now, who can refuse Mingyu and Laura Mercier?

Check out the stunning video below: