SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Gave Wonwoo An Encouraging Slap On The Butt During Their LA Concert

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SEVENTEEN is having their Los Angeles concert stop tonight during their ongoing Be The Sun world tour, and great moments have already been shared!

Usually some of the best moments during these concerts are the interactions between members, and given the chaotic and loveable friendships that SEVENTEEN’s members have, they’re no exception!

During the concert, Seungkwan and DK appeared to be trying to hype up Wonwoo to encourage the crowd to get loud. While Seungkwan gave the rapper verbal encouragement, bestie Mingyu showed his support in a different way.

Wonwoo and Mingyu

Mingyu and Wonwoo are one of the most well-known friendship pairs in SEVENTEEN, so any endearing interaction between the two of them on-stage is especially enjoyed!

Mingyu and Wonwoo

Right before Wonwoo gets the crowed excited by yelling, “Make some noise!”, Mingyu gives him not one, but three encouraging taps on his butt!

Even more hilariously, Wonwoo doesn’t even react to the gesture. You can watch the entire clip below!

We can’t wait to see what other cute moments come out of SEVENTEEN’s ongoing concerts, since there are sure to be many!