SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Wonwoo Reveal Why “Bittersweet” Had To Go Through Several Revisions

They wanted to make it perfect for Carats!

On May 28, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo and Mingyu released their first digital single “Bittersweet” together and Carats haven’t been able to get it out of their heads since! To talk about their latest hit, Wonwoo and Mingyu sat down with J-14 Magazine and shared some intriguing details on the track’s creation process.

Like many Carats, the interviewer was curious and asked the two, “Now you both play a part in the lyrical process, tell me about the creation of the song.” According to Wonwoo and Mingyu, the creation of “Bittersweet” was quite difficult.

Mingyu replied that on his end, he wanted to concentrate on the overall mood of the song and its lyrics.

When we worked on the lyrics…For me, I prioritized the overall ‘temperature,’ or the mood of it.

— Mingyu

Furthermore, Mingyu shared that instead of creating a straightforward message of the song’s theme, “Friendship or love” he and Wonwoo wanted to make something more open for the listeners to take in any way they like.

I didn’t want the subtle emotions that are usually involved in the ‘friendship or love’ dilemma to be too directly conveyed but conversely, I didn’t want it to be too implicit or hidden either. We wanted to leave things a bit…open…Pricesly. We wanted to leave things open to each listener’s interpretation so they could immerse (in the situation). We hoped that the listeners would realte in a wide variety of ways.

— Mingyu

Because the pair wanted the listeners to interpret the message how they desire, Mingyu commented that it was quite difficult.

That’s why writing the lyrics this time around was a bit more challenging.

— Mingyu

Wonwoo agreed and revealed that, out of all their songs, “Bittersweet” has been one that has gone through the most revisions.

Out of all the albums and tracks that we’ve worked on over the years, I think this one went through the most revisions.

— Wonwoo

Check out the video below: