SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Was Spotted Supportively Taking Woozi’s Video While He Accepted His “Best Producer” Award

Best friend ever 🥺

SEVENTEEN‘s friendship is everything!

The group recently attended the 2021 Asian Artist Awards and took home several trophies while they were at it. These included “Singer of the Year,” “AAA Fabulous (Singer),” and one especially for Woozi, “AAA Best Producer.” He was recognized for his work in the albums Your Choice and Attacca.


When he went up the stage to receive his award and recite his speech, it seemed that no one was prouder than fellow member Mingyu! He was spotted holding up his phone and taking a video of Woozi with the biggest grin on his face.


He made sure to find the best position possible to film. After standing, he moved a few steps to sit down and continue his task.

His fellow members unsurprisingly found Mingyu’s actions hilarious, but they didn’t make a move to stop him at all!

Mingyu posted the video after the award show, confirming that his actions were legitimate. He even made sure that the text behind Woozi pronouncing him the best producer was clearly seen in the shot.

The 2021 Asian Artist Awards was held on December 2 at the KBS Arena Hall.