“The Biggest Mystery In K-Pop!” The Answer To Who Sang THAT Line In SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Unit’s Track “Monster”

It had CARATs and the members confused AF!

SEVENTEEN has just released their new album, SEVENTEENTH Heaven. Of course, every song has hit differently, but one of K-Pop’s biggest mysteries was also solved after the album was released.

Members of SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Ahead of the album’s release, SEVENTEEN released a highlight medley teasing fans with what they could expect from the album.

One song particularly caught the attention of fans which was “Monster” recorded by the hip-hop unit (S.CoupsWonwooMingyu, and Vernon).


When the medley was released, one part of “Monster” had fans confused, and it was all because fans couldn’t decide who sang a particular line.

CARATs weren’t the only ones confused, and Jeonghan perfectly summed up the feeling as he wrote, “How come no one knows the monster in the beginning…?”


It started a huge debate online amongst the members, with many throwing names about and some even saying names of those not involved in the song.

While Jeonghan was being relatable AF with his comments about the MONSTER part, Wonwoo couldn’t help but tease fans. As part of the Hip Hop Unit, Wonwoo would’ve been there during the recording and knew exactly who sang the mysterious part.

Rather than giving us the answer, he teased fans by explaining that he would make them wait.

Wonwoo: Lol
Wonwoo: Around 6:30, I’ll tell you who the monster is.


Although Wonwoo made the promise, S.Coups was the first to reveal it as he commented under Jeonghan’s initial post that seemed to hint at the members, which many assumed were Vernon and Mingyu.


Not even a minute later, Wonwoo confirmed that the part was actually sung by Vernon and Mingyu.


Of course, the song itself was amazing, and CARATs couldn’t get enough. But it wasn’t surprising that many fans were relieved when they finally got the answer to one of the hottest debates in K-Pop in 2023!