SEVENTEEN Reveals Their Plans For New Upcoming Subunits

Yes! More subunits, please!

The talented group SEVENTEEN recently made a comeback with their new mini-album Your Choice and it’s of course has been well-received by listeners!


In light of their mini-album release, the members of SEVENTEEN participated in an intriguing interview with Seventeen Magazine. Within their interview, SEVENTEEN dished on the details of their “Power of ‘Love'” theme.


Your Choice comes after the release of members Wonwoo and Mingyu’s digital single “Bittersweet” that focused on the love within a friendship.

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The group’s leader S.Coups shared that the album focuses on several forms of love such as the love in “Bittersweet” to various other types of love.

We wanted to talk about a lot of diverse forms and versions of love in Your Choice. And that’s why our concept trailer video depicted some of them like first love, love and friendship, love in family, love for our pets, etc.

— S.Coups


When asked whether another unit will be formed like the duo of Wonwoo and Mingyu, Jun replied that Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fans) can look forward to!

From now through the end of the year, we plan to share a lot of stories about love through our 2021 “Power of ‘Love'” project. Like you said, Wonwoo and Mingyu’s ‘Bittersweet’ officially kicked it off, and our 8th EP Your Choice, is the next part in the installment. It’ll be followed by various genre-diverse music and new unit combinations, so stay tuned.

— Jun


With such a large group, Carats know the members are endlessly working hard to put out fresh and amazing ideas! We can’t wait to see the individual charms of each member show in new subunits!

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In the meantime, Carats are busy watching SEVENTEEN’s new hit “Ready to Love”:

Source: Seventeen Magazine