SEVENTEEN And NU’EST Debut Creative Way To Promote Social Distancing

They’ve joined a campaign to help out, and their new logos are part of it.

Fans may have noticed a change in the social media pages of Pledis Entertainment‘s groups SEVENTEEN and NU’EST. That’s because they’ve joined a global “Social Distancing Campaign.”

In a way that fans have praised as being creative, both groups are helping to stop the spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19) by encouraging people to put distance between each other.

One of the two things that fans have noticed is the header and cover photos of their social media pages. For NU’EST’s, they kept their official colors along with their name in contrasting white.

It was the apostrophe that made the difference. Instead of one, they included eight to cleverly emphasize the meaning of distance.

SEVENTEEN went with a simpler approach. With a black background, they straightforwardly wrote “KEEP DISTANCE” in a contrasting white that makes the letters look as if they’re glowing. If the words aren’t eye-catching enough, the visuals will convey its importance.

The most noticeable change fans of both groups have noticed is the new logos. NU’EST’s original logo was black against white and close together.

Keeping the same color scheme as the new photo, they now have their logo displayed in white with much more space in between the lines and shapes to emphasize the importance of distance.

SEVENTEEN did the same with their logo. The original was a white outline against their official colors and connected into the shape of an upside-down triangle.

To revamp it, the new logo was a fusion of their official colors against a black background, with the ends bent inward to keep them from connecting.

The new logos and backgrounds have been a hit among fans for not only how clever they are, but for taking action to promote such an important cause that’s impacting the entire world. Social distancing is not just for the safety of one individual; it’s for the protection of everyone.

Source: Naver