SEVENTEEN To Officially Open Weverse Starting March 17

SEVENTEEN is officially on Weverse.

Previously, Big Hit Entertainment announced during their annual corporate briefing that SEVENTEEN would be joining the fan communication platform Weverse to communicate with fans. They will be joining BTS, TXT, and Gfriend on the platform.

On March 12, Pledis Entertainment posted an announcement online revealing the official open date for SEVENTEEN’s Weverse page.

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. SEVENTEEN will officially be opening their global fan community through Weverse on March 17 at 2 PM KST. This fan community will be a place for SEVENTEEN and CARATS to communicate and share various contents with one another. Terms and guidelines will be updated on Weverse in a future announcement. Thank you once again to CARATS for your love and we hope that you will continue to support us. Thank you.

Weverse is now also updated with a photo of SEVENTEEN and the open date.

The hashtags #Pledis and #WeverseOpen began trending on Twitter after the announcement was made.

Fans are divided in the usage of Weverse as the platform for communication between fans and the artist.

Are CARATS ready to connect with SEVENTEEN on this new platform? Let us know!