SEVENTEEN Performs An All-New Medley Of Their Hottest Songs On “Entertainment Tonight”

Their vocals are amazing!

The amazing SEVENTEEN has blessed everyone with a lovely performance of “A mash of your favorite SEVENTEEN tracks” as well as a surprise cover of Justin Bieber‘s “Holy.”

The mash-up started off with the group’s energetic hit song “VERY NICE” from 2016 and works its way into several other tracks!

Following the mash-ups incredible start, SEVENTEEN performed their hits “Clap,” “Left & Right,” “Snap Shoot” and “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

As a surprise, SEVENTEEN’s DK, Woozi, and Seungkwan perfectly executed a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Holy.”

SEVENTEEN shared with ET that “Holy” has been a song that has stuck in their heads and that they could not pass on the opportunity to cover it in their ET performance!

‘Holy’ has been on repeat for us ever since its release. It’s been stuck in our heads and we often found ourselves humming or singing along to it throughout the day as well. So naturally, when we got the chance to perform a short cover of a pop song during our ET medley, all of us came to choose ‘Holy’!


The group then revealed some exciting news regarding upcoming music fans can expect to hear soon! SEVENTEEN revealed.

SEVENTEEN’s been working hard in the studios to bring new music your way. Stay tuned and keep an ear out for more from us this year!


Fans praised SEVENTEEN for the great medley and for their impressive live vocals!

Check out SEVENTEEN’s amazing performance below:

Source: Entertainment Tonight


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