SEVENTEEN Pulled The Best Prank After Fans Made Fun Of Them For Their Unusual Way Of Drinking Latte

SEVENTEEN is really a trendsetter

On a recent live broadcast last month, SEVENTEEN entertained fans with their hilarious yet unusual way of drinking latte.

During the live broadcast, the SEVENTEEN members had the choice between drinking milk and drinking coffee.

But rather than just drinking one or the other, S.Coups suggested that if the members drank milk and coffee at the same time, they would technically be drinking latte!

After all latte is really derived from the Italian term for “milk coffee”.

It turns out that it was a great idea, because even though the members looked ridiculous drinking from two cups, it was a delicious treat.

Soon, every single member was simultaneously drinking milk and coffee. Even Woozi who called it “stupid” ended up doing it too!

Meanwhile, CARATs who saw the live broadcast thought this way of drinking “latte” was hilarious.

Some agreed with Woozi that this was really a “stupid” way of drinking latte.

But it looks like these fans may have spoken too soon.

With SEVENTEEN’s recent comeback with “Hit”, the members decided that there was only one way that they could celebrate with fans!

SEVENTEEN prepared a coffee truck for fans at Show! Music Core. But there was one catch.

The “latte” that was served to fans was a cup with two straws, with the milk and Americano coffee separated.

This meant that in order to drink the “latte”, fans would need to drink from both straws at the same time, just as the SEVENTEEN members had done in the live broadcast.

It turns out that since SEVENTEEN looked “stupid” drinking “latte”, they were going to drag their fans to do stupid things together.

To poke even more fun at the situation, the SEVENTEEN named the latte being served as Babo Latte which translates to Fool Latte.

So really, fans were being made by SEVENTEEN to drink “Fool’s Latte”.

It looked like SEVENTEEN had no shame in enjoying this way of drinking latte, because fans who were present commented that they saw SEVENTEEN’s managers carrying several cups of the Babo Latte!

While some fans were amused by this joke, others appreciate the gesture as they felt SEVENTEEN wanted to share their experience with fans, even as humorous as it is.

And it turns out that SEVENTEEN even enjoyed drinking milk and coffee with two straws!

While SEVENTEEN entertained fans with their amusing prank, fans praised them for once again putting in the effort and time to show their appreciation for CARATs.

While fans had to drink from cups with two straws, many appreciated the fact that the straws were heart-shaped, and that each cup was accompanied by a heartfelt message from a member of SEVENTEEN.

And who knows, maybe the SEVENTEEN members are preparing to start a new trend!