SEVENTEEN React To Their Billboard Music Awards Nomination And It Has CARATs Soft

It is well-deserved!

Billboard Music Awards recently announced that SEVENTEEN had been nominated for “Top Social Artist” at this year’s 2021 BBMAs.

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SEVENTEEN had some of the best reactions when the nominations were announced, with Seungkwan even throwing up a heart!

After the announcement, the group sat down with Tetris Kelly from Billboard and reacted to their nomination!

Joshua couldn’t hide his excitement at being a finalist for the awards and his gratitude to their fans, CARATs, for helping them get to where they are.

It’s such a monumental moment for us, and I want to just really thank our CARATs for giving us this moment. We’re nominated along with such great artists, so we’re really happy and excited.

— Joshua

Fellow member Vernon emphasized this gratitude to their fans!

CARATs made this for us!

— Vernon

In the comments, CARATs couldn’t hide their excitement about the nomination.

  • Okay, Carats. They worked really hard, and now it’s our turn. Let’s give them a win. It’s the LEAST we can give to them after all they’ve given to us.
  • Seventeen never forget to mention Carats in every interview. I’m so lucky to be in this fandom and to stan Talented and Down-to-earth Boys.
  • SEVENTEEN deserves it so much. They have been working hard for their songs and performances.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN for this well-deserved achievement!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Billboard