SEVENTEEN Is Holding An Additional Concert In The Philippines, But Pinoy Fans Are Raising Two Major Concerns To The Organizers

There are several key issues at play.

SEVENTEEN just finished the Manila leg of their Be The Sun world tour last October 8 and 9.

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After the members teased fans by saying they would “come back soon,” this was confirmed less than a week after the show was held.

The initial reaction was one of excitement since the demand for tickets in the previous concert far exceeded the supply. Pinoy CARATs were excited to get another chance to see their bias group within the year.

However, it did not take long for them to notice several potential issues with the details that were given. They called out Live Nation PH, the organizers of the previous and incoming Be The Sun concerts, to address their biggest concerns.

Check them out below.

1. The Venue

First up, the biggest change with this leg of SEVENTEEN’s tour from the one that was recently concluded was the venue. Rather than holding another two-day concert in the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay, it was decided to do it on one Saturday of December in the Philippine Arena, Bulacan, instead.

The former only has a capacity of 15,000 while the latter can accommodate up to 55,000 people. On the downside, the Philippine Arena is infamous for being too large for concerts.

The view from each section’s seats, as a result, will be farther than in any other arena in the country.

The words “Gen Ad” trended on Twitter with over 12,000 tweets in less than a day due to this.

Fans pointed out that anyone who chooses this section will barely be able to see the members.

More importantly, the Philippine Arena is located in Bulacan which is outside the main metropolis. Transportation, accommodations, and even food are sparse in this area.

Is it possible to move the location? PH Arena is very inaccessible. Most fans are still students as well.

— Twitter user @inlustricoups

In response to the criticism, Live Nation PH insinuated that the venue was final and there would be no further changes. They asked them to “wait for further details.”

They told fans via Twitter replies that they chose Philippine Arena after listening to their concerns over the past few months.

2. The Ticket Selling Date

Besides the unsatisfactory venue choice, another big issue for Pinoy CARATs was the date of ticket selling. The organizers announced that the fan club pre-sale will be held in just nine days while the general sale for those without a Weverse membership will happen on October 25.

CARATs worried about the nearness of the date. Thousands of them had just spent a large portion of their savings on the October 8 and 9 concerts and would have a hard time doing the same so soon.

They were worried that fewer people would be able to attend the December concert because of this.

I somehow feel scared because mostly those who attended the concert last weekend worked really hard to have money to buy their ticket so we’re not sure this time if they can support again. With this concert, the venue is sh*tty and the date is near.

— Twitter user @cmsafeplace_lib

In response to a fan asking if they could move the ticket selling to a later date, the organizers replied, “You don’t want? [SEVENTEEN is] excited to see you again.”

They further promised to try to move the date farther back, saying, “We’ll try to have [your request] approved.”

Further details will be announced soon.

Source: Twitter


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