SEVENTEEN Reveal The Daily Life Of Being A Large Group

Welcome to the daily life of a large idol group!

Photos of SEVENTEEN have gained attention on Korea community boards, revealing the daily life of a large idol group.

The first incident talks about the time they bought oranges. Mind you, 60 oranges. But divide that by 13, that’s barely 5 per person.


Another incident talks about how fast toothpaste disappears in their house. Seungkwan commented, “I feel like someone is just sucking up all the toothpaste.”

The members revealed that they were touched by their CEO who told them not to worry about food costs. The CEO stated that he would not have even started if he had to worry about such things.

During a Going Seventeen episode, they ate 15 packages of ramyun among 9 people. (along with rice and kimchi).

They revealed that they cook 20 packages of ramyun when all 13 of them eat together. Mingyu is known to be the best at cooking 20 at once.

There are 6 and 7 toothbrushes in each of the two dormitories respectively.

This is the size of the trashcan they use for 6 people.

They also revealed that they all felt like brothers who were on a field trip together every day. They explained that it does have its perks when it comes to online shopping. They would use one person’s account to purchase 13 members’ items, allowing them to receive a huge number of membership points.

After winning the rookie award at the Seoul Music Awards, they went out to eat with their staff and ate a total of 80 serving of meat. They clarified that because they ate with staff, the amount the members ate would total to be around 50 servings.

Although there might be some inconveniences to being a large group, the pros seem to outweigh the cons! What’s better than having a group of friends to call family!

Source: nate pann