SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Jun, Joshua, And DK Reveals When The Group Feels Most Connected

Their answers show their true relationship!

With a group like SEVENTEEN that has 13 members, can everyone really feel connected to one another? According to members Hoshi, Jun, Joshua, and DK, the group does not have any issues finding a strong connection!

In their recent Elle Korea interview, Hoshi, Jun, Joshua, and DK answered the question regarding SEVENTEEN’s connections: “When SEVENTEEN feels ‘connected.‘”

Hoshi shared how he feels SEVENTEEN’s connection while practicing and looking at everyone in the mirror.

Seeing 13 people standing in a row in the practice room, at that moment we looked great. It sounds obvious, but we are really close friends, and we will continue to play with each other even when we get older. Really, I am not afraid of anything these days. Everything is so confident.

— Hoshi

Jun answered with a simple reply. Despite it being short and straightforward, it’s also a very sweet answer that perfectly defines the closeness of SEVENTEEN.

When no one is talking, but nothing is awkward (laughs).

— Jun

Next, Joshua answered the same question with reference to the special MT trip he and his SEVENTEEN members took together.

I went to MT with the members before distancing was implemented. It was reassuring to spend time together even when it was just taking a break. Thanks to that, Thanks to that, I was happy, and I thought that we could go together forever.

— Joshua

Last but not least, DK shared how merely having the members all together and fulfilling their schedules is when the group feels most connected to him.

Seventeen feels connected to each other when they’re participating in schedules. When they’re alone, they tend to slack off. But when they’re with other members, they feel like they can do anything. It’s the most certain way to increase the tension.

— DK

SEVENTEEN is obviously very close with one another and Hoshi, Jun, Joshua, and DK definitely confirmed it with their sweet interview!

Source: Elle Korea