SEVENTEEN Reveals What Genre They Want To Try Next

They would kill it with any genre!

The talented THE8, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN recently participated in an interview and pictorial for Cosmopolitan Korea! During their interview, the four members revealed the concept and genre they’d like to try next!

SEVENTEEN has proven time and time again that they can successfully tackle several genres and concepts. Though the group has shown their duality, there are still many ideas they have not tried and wish to do.

Jeonghan | Cosmopolitan Korea

For one, Wonwoo expressed his desire to show a new stage for Carats such as one with a dark concept.

Q: Are there any new types of genre you want to try?

Contrary to the refreshing style genre we’ve shown previously, I want to create a stage with a dark atmosphere.

— Wonwoo

Wonwoo| Cosmopolitan Korea

For Mingyu, he stated that instead of the energetic performance they usually do, performing something calmer and more tranquil would be a fresh new concept to show Carats.

SEVENTEEN’s performances are always so full of enegry and power, so I want to show our relaxed appearance on the stage at least once. One where we could exclude the performance part and put everything only in the music.

— Mingyu

Mingyu | Cosmopolitan Korea

THE8 agreed with Mingyu and shared that he’d like to incorporate more sentimental stories in their music.

I agree. It may be a personal desire, but I want to try music that contains our emotional stories instead of a stage where we put all our energy into our dancing.

— THE8

THE8 | Cosmopolitan Korea
Source: Cosmopolitan Korea