SEVENTEEN Reveals How Woozi Secretly Pays For His Members’ Meals Without Them Noticing

He is truly the sweetest person to his members

Woozi is known as one of SEVENTEEN’s most sarcastic and blunt members.

However, he is also one of the most hard-working idols out there. Not only is he a talented dancer and vocalist, but he is also one of the main songwriters of SEVENTEEN’s songs.

As the leader of the Vocal Unit of SEVENTEEN, he is also responsible for several members of the group. Many CARATs know how caring he is, constantly providing encouragement to his fellow members and being open to helping them out.

Sometimes small actions are a great reflection of how a person truly is. During a past broadcast, SEVENTEEN members began discussing about their daily lives, when Seungkwan revealed what Woozi did for him the previous morning. They were both in a hamburger chain store, when Woozi suddenly asked his groupmate if he wanted to eat.

When Seungkwan said he wanted to, Woozi just told Seungkwan to order his food.

Then we went to pay and [Woozi] gave his card right away.

— Seungkwan

The other members celebrated Woozi’s selfless and caring nature, but Woozi looked embarrassed. It was clear that he did not expect to be appreciated for his generous actions, especially on live broadcast in front of CARATs! Then, Hoshi revealed that he once got his meal paid by Woozi too!

Hoshi, Dino and Woozi had gone out to eat samgyupsal when Woozi had to leave early. However, once Hoshi and Dino had finished eating, the waiter let them know what happened.

Oh, the person who left already paid for it.

— Waiter

Again, SEVENTEEN cheered on Woozi who continued to look embarrassed. Even though he can sometimes pull off the best one-liners, CARATs know that Woozi is a kind and generous member and SEVENTEEN wouldn’t be the same without him.

The fact that he did not expect praise for his actions shows that he didn’t pay for his members’ meals because he wanted recognition. He paid for his members’ meals because he genuinely cared about them and expected nothing in return.

This loving nature between the SEVENTEEN members is one of the many reasons why CARATs are happy about stanning the right group.