SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Gets Adorably Pouty Because One Of His Members Wouldn’t Take A Picture With Him

Poor leader 😂

Even though S.Coups is the leader of SEVENTEEN, that doesn’t mean that the members always listen to him!


In a recent virtual fan meeting, the idol had something to say about one of his members, and he couldn’t help but get incredibly pouty about it!


Though the context is unclear, it sounds like S.Coups and fellow member Jeonghan were taking pictures together, and tried to get Joshua to join them. Since Joshua didn’t for whatever reason, S.Coups got playfully sulky about it with the fan.

Joshua, Jeonghan, and S.Coups

He even asks the fan to scold Joshua for him with the biggest and cutest pout ever, before he cracks into a smile!

Fan reactions to the cute clip are very relatable.

Who can resist that adorable pout?