Here’s How SEVENTEEN’s Leader S.Coups “Knew” The Group Would Have A Successful Contract Renewal

SEVENTEEN’s oldest member talks at length about group’s bond in ELLE Interview.

Fans of SEVENTEEN know well that the group’s bond is a strong one, but that didn’t stop them from celebrating last summer when all thirteen members decided to renew their contracts with Pledis Entertainment ahead of the group’s seven-year anniversary this May.

Joshua (left), Jeonghan (middle), and S.Coups (right) for ELLE Korea

In a recent interview with ELLE Magazine, the group’s leader S.Coups revealed his own personal insights on the contract renewal, including why it may not have been such a surprising event after all. As the oldest member of SEVENTEEN, S.Coups is known for doting on his younger bandmates, and the answers he gave in the interview make abundantly clear how much he trusts and cherishes them.

S.Coups in ‘Your Choice’ teasers | @pledis_17/Twitter

I always believed it would happen,” was what he said when asked about the group’s contract re-signing last year. In a world where it’s not unusual for a group to lose a member or two when contracts expire, especially a group as large as SEVENTEEN, S.Coups even went as far as saying their contract renewal was almost guaranteed! Fans’ hearts were warmed when he said the choice was “easy, but never insignificant,” mentioning that his main focus was on whether “[the group] could be together.”

Jeonghan (left) and S.Coups (right)

During in the interview, he was also asked about whether he still believes in the value of being together with the rest of the SEVENTEEN members. Again, the answer he gave is one that would touch the heart of even the coldest reader.

I do believe in it. It’s beautiful, starting from the word ‘us.’ No one in this world is perfect, and my belief that we can create ‘perfection’ while making up for each others’ lacking points is still unchanging.

— S.Coups, by @dawncheol/Twitter

S.Coups (left) and Joshua (right)

Even then, his praises for his groupmates didn’t stop there. Another question posed to him was that of the source of his strength in leading the group throughout the past seven years. “Won’t it be because the members followed me?”  he began his answer, once again displaying his strong belief in their group’s bond.

Whatever opinion I present, I have a firm belief they won’t say it’s wrong.  In the past, I thought I had to step forward to lead the team, but now it feels more like we’re walking together while looking towards the same place.

— S.Coups, by @dawncheol/Twitter

Throughout the interview, S.Coups continually reasserted his trust and love for the other members of SEVENTEEN, solidifying their all-member contract renewal as just another of the many steps they plan to take together.

Source: ELLE and @dawncheol