SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Is Seriously Thinking About Changing His Stage Name

What are your thoughts?

On October 18 at 3 PM KST, SEVENTEEN held a Q&A session with #TwitterBlueroom before the release of their special album ; [Semicolon] on October 19.

Fans used the hashtag #ASK_SEVENTEEN to submit questions they would like the group to answer during the live session.

During the live stream, member S.Coups revealed a concern that he had in regards to his stage name. With so many people getting his name wrong, he debated on whether or not he should change his name to just Coups instead.

While some of the members felt that it would be sad to lose the name he’s used for so long, others stated that this was something that he should decide for himself.

The members overall felt that if this was a concern for him, then he should change it if he wants.

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Although he thoroughly enjoys the fun nicknames he receives from the fans and online, his main concern is during official events when people get his name wrong because it’s hard to remember. He finds that when someone gets his name wrong, even though he’s been in the industry for five years, he can’t help but be upset.

Ultimately, he has decided to debate on this a bit more before making an official decision! What are your thoughts on S.Coups and his name? Should he keep it or change it?

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Be sure to also check out their special album release on October 19 at 6 PM KST!

Watch the full live stream below!