SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Vs. S.Coups: Which Coworker Do You Prefer?

Mingyu Vs. S.Coups – choose your fighter!

On the latest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, a particular debate the SEVENTEEN members had to choose sides for touched close to the heart, leading to some heated discussions over which, or who, was the better option.

As soon as S.Coups, Woozi, DK, Wonwoo, and The8 saw the debate topic, they started to laugh. It wasn’t something that was supposed to relate to SEVENTEEN, but it turned out to be a topic they related to the most.


More specifically, the question proposed two coworkers for SEVENTEEN to choose from. The first was a coworker who complained about everything, wanting to go home even before work started.

WZ-Woozi; DK-DK

The second coworker was someone who looked over even unjust acts, always exuding positivity even when working overtime.

The second scenario caused a bigger reaction from the members, but all of them could see two members of SEVENTEEN that fit the descriptions perfectly.

While they teased S.Coups for a bit, Woozi admitted that he’d prefer a coworker like S.Coups who complains because there are also times he wants to vent when working but gets stopped by a positive member’s encouragement. However, Wonwoo disagreed, saying he liked it a lot. Still, with the proposed situation of an all-night company dinner, Wonwoo switched his opinion to side with S.Coups.

DK also tried to ease off by saying it was just his personal opinion and that he wasn’t taking sides, but upon pressure from S.Coups, DK quickly chooses the first coworker over the second.

Later, when everyone else had finished their topics and walked into S.Coups set, they raised the question again to hear Mingyu‘s opinion. He instantly started to explain how he would approach the situation.

He also evened out the playing field so that the complaining coworker had been complaining since the beginning of the first episode.

In the end, the two playfully agreed never to drink together, and the debate ended without a conclusion.

What do Carats think? Do you prefer a complaining coworker or an overly bright one?