SEVENTEEN Releases Self-Made Music Video for Group’s Fifth Anniversary

The video showcases their humor, talent, and gratitude to Carats

Thirteen-member group SEVENTEEN released a self-made music video on May 25 in honor of their fifth anniversary together, a day ahead of their official debut date. The video was made to their song “Snap Shoot” from their most recent full-length album An Ode.

The video’s credits are a unique part that well encapsulates the group’s personality. Each role in the video-making process, including director, producer, editor, and stylist, is listed as being fulfilled by member Mingyu. Carats are offered a special thanks at the credits’ completion.

This isn’t the first time the group has released a self-made music video. Their song “Holiday” from their 2018 mini-album You Make My Day was also self-made and directed by member Wonwoo. It was also created to celebrate the milestone of 1000 days of Carats with SEVENTEEN.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN on five years together, and we wish you many more to come!

Source: SEVENTEEN Official Twitter