SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan On ASTRO Moonbin’s Frustrating Habit That Could’ve Ended Their Friendship—And How They Solved It

They’ve been best friends for so long that they came up with a solution.

After hilariously exposing SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi‘s habit of canceling plans with NCT‘s Doyoung on the latest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan couldn’t help recalling one of ASTRO‘s Moonbin‘s habits that could’ve marked the end of their friendship but made them closer instead.

Seungkwan and Moonbin. | @pledis_boos/Instagram

When offering advice to a fan on how to handle a friend of fifteen years who was always canceling plans, Seungkwan remembered that his “precious friend” Moonbin did something similar.

As soon as Seungkwan began to explain the situation with Moonbin, Jun was quick to ask, “Isn’t this TMI?” Seungkwan was just as quick to voice his frustration, “No, I can feel upset. I found myself relating to the story.

Instead of canceling plans last-minute like Hoshi, Seungkwan revealed that Moonbin forgot about their plans altogether. Hours after they were supposed to meet, Seungkwan remembered the text message he had received from Moonbin.

We agreed to meet at 7 p.m., but I couldn’t reach him till 9 p.m. and at 9:10 p.m. ‘I fell asleep…’

— Seungkwan

Because Seungkwan and Moonbin have been best friends for so many years, he knew it wasn’t done on purpose. Seungkwan said, “It’s not that the friend hates me. It’s not that.

Instead of letting the situation go without addressing it, Seungkwan sent pages of text messages to express why he’d been frustrated by it. Like a caring friend, Moonbin apologized and understood his side. That’s when Seungkwan revealed that it was best to communicate with your friends—unless you didn’t want to be friends anymore.

So, I sent him a text. A long one: fifteen pages. I sent it to him.

And Moonbin replied, ‘I’m so sorry.’ You either have to express how you really feel, or you have to prepare to let them go.

— Seungkwan

Although Seungkwan could remember how upsetting it had been, he was able to quickly take care of it with Moonbin and become even closer by communicating their feelings.

| @pledis_boos/Instagram

Watch Seungkwan break down one of the obstacles he and his best friend Moonbin were able to overcome.