SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Got A Call During Their Live, But It Wasn’t Who They Expected

They laughed about it afterward.

In the midst of SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan‘s live broadcast, the idol received a phone call. Fortunately, it wasn’t from who they were expecting.

Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

Since K-Pop idols are sometimes interrupted by calls from sasaengs (obsessive fans) during live broadcasts, Seungkwan looked concerned when an unknown number called him. He immediately alerted leader S.Coups, who sat beside him.

While Seungkwan still looked worried, S.Coups took the phone from him and checked the number.

Because Seungkwan was afraid to answer it, S.Coups did the honors, ready to face whoever it was. Fortunately, their worries were proven false.

Rather than a sasaeng attempting to harass them, Seungkwan had received a call from the bank. Both of them were then able to laugh off the moment.

Although Seungkwan was worried for a valid reason, at least it ended with laughter, thanks to an unsuspecting bank worker.

| @pledis_boos/Instagram