SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Waved Around A Blanket With Joshua’s Derp Face On It, And Joshua Had The Best Reaction

Joshua is a whole meme 😂

There’s really no boring moment with SEVENTEEN!

The PLEDIS Entertainment boy group recently headed to Newark, USA, for their Be The Sun world tour. As expected of the group, they played around on stage and interacted with fans simultaneously.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

One of the most hyper members was undoubtedly Seungkwan. His excitement reached new heights when he saw a CARAT holding a very interesting piece of merch—a life-sized blanket with Joshua‘s derp face plastered all over it!

It was so big, it could clearly be seen from different angles of the venue.

The blanket came from CARAT @pebbleshuji who later revealed that Vernon was the first member who spotted it. She originally wanted to bring it for fun, and fun it was!

| @pebbleshuji/Twitter

Seungkwan loved it so much, he went down the stage to ask it straight from her.

He ran back and jumped around with it from one end to the next, following the beat of the music.

Seungkwan also posed with the blanket in the middle of the stage, making Joshua’s meme the center of attention!

| @sounds_of_cheol/Twitter

Joshua, the member whose funny expression was the focus of thousands, had the best reaction to the entire thing.

Rather than being embarrassed or shy, he was a good sport who jumped in on the joke, laughing right away when it was shown on screen.


i’m glad i made joshua and dk laugh 🥹 #seventeeninla #bethesun #bethesuninla #bethesuntour #joshua #dk #kpop #kpopfyp

♬ Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN

When he got a closer look, he even copied the exact expression that he made on the photograph printed on the cloth.

The owner of the famed item posted a now-viral update about what happened next. She apparently got the blanket back after its long adventure with Seungkwan and the other SEVENTEEN members.

Needless to say, it was one memorable experience!

Source: Twitter and TikTok