SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Calls EXO’s Kai The “Idol Of Idols”

Kai is every idol’s role model!

EXO‘s Kai recently made a special appearance on Channel S‘s kid variety show Job Dongsan and star-struck not only the children but SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan as well!

Once Kai walked on set, the children and Seungkwan couldn’t contain their excitement. One sweet little boy named Minchan even cried seeing Kai before his eyes!

Much like Minchan, Seungkwan also expressed his admiration for Kai! Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, who is one of the show’s MC along with Seungkwan, introduced Kai as “The role model of many idols.

Seungkwan agreed with Eunhyuk’s comment and explained that EXO has always been a group on top.

Even during the time of my debut, EXO was ‘THAT’ group. Just greeting him made me happy. For me, he is the idol of idols, he is the idol for all the trainees.

— Seungkwan

Shy from all the praise, Kai smiled brightly from Seungkwan’s sweet compliments!

Seungkwan was also seen fanboying over Kai while he danced to his hit solo track “Mmmh.”

Check out the clip below: