Male Idol’s Older Sister Brings Fans To Tears In Latest Instagram Post About Her Family

Her post will bring you to tears too.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan has two beautiful older sisters who are always supportive of their only brother and son throughout his career.

Left to right: 2nd sister, oldest sister, Seungkwan, mom


Seungkwan’s oldest sister, Boo Jin Seol, recently uploaded a family photo on her Instagram. In the photo, Seungkwan, his sisters and his mom smile brightly together behind the scenes at a SEVENTEEN performance.


CARATs were immediately brought to tears when his sister captioned the photo, “I think my greatest happiness is that I was born as my mom’s child. Also that I’m the older sister to two vocally-skilled younger siblings who kind of and kind of don’t look like me.


Fans felt the overwhelming love between the two siblings just from her post, but they were pushed further over the emotional edge when Seungkwan responded with a heartfelt message of his own. He responded, “I only received love growing up~ You suffered the most, noona♡ I’ll make you even happier


Fans showered her Instagram post with love for the Boo siblings as they couldn’t get over how much love was shared between them!


Can the Boo family adopt me too?! 😭💕

Source: Nate Pann