SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals Detail Of Group’s Contract And CARATs Go Wild

This detail about SEVENTEEN’s renewed contracts is a total game changer.

Last summer, all thirteen members of SEVENTEEN renewed their contracts with Pledis Entertainment in an unprecedented case.

SEVENTEEN for their self-made magazine | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

Fans were overjoyed to hear that the whole group would continue on together, but specific details about the contracts were never revealed.

Seungkwan from his Instagram | @pledis_boos/Instagram

In a recent fansign, though, member Seungkwan told a fan one crucial detail about the renewed contracts: the term is five years!

Fans are overjoyed at the news that they have at least five more years to spend with SEVENTEEN, which will come to a total of 12 years overall after they debuted.

More than just 5 more years of music, fans are looking forward to even more content from SEVENTEEN, like their online series GOING SEVENTEEN.

No matter what SEVENTEEN do in the future, fans are sure to enjoy it. Expectations are high for these guys going into this upcoming year, and the next few years as well!

Source: @hoshihaebaragi