Seungkwan’s Sassy Comment On SEVENTEEN’s Official Instagram Has Carats Wheezing

That’s Diva Boo for you 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s main vocalist Seungkwan is known for many things — his incredible singing, hilarious personality, and his sassy side, among other things!

He’s not afraid to throw witty and sometimes judgmental remarks at his fellow members, but it’s always in good fun and isn’t meant to actually do any harm.

On a recent post on SEVENTEEN’s official Instagram page, Seungkwan’s sassy side came out both in his appearance in the post as well as his comment on it!

In the video post, five of the members — HoshiJunJeonghanJoshua, and DK — are seen performing a choreography to “Young, Wild & Free” by Snoop DoggWiz Khalifa, and Bruno Mars. And part of the way through the video, Seungkwan can be seen making his way behind them across the room.


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Here’s a closer look at Seungkwan passing behind them with a sassy stare 😂

While the rest of the members of SEVENTEEN in the video were tagged in the comments, Seungkwan was not, and he went to the post to show his playful disappointment in that fact!

Caption: Hmph. How come I didn’t get tagged? Whimpers

Fans are cracking up over his judgmental stare and comment on social media 😂

Carats never get tired of Seungkwan’s playful sass, and neither do we!