Seungkwan Thought He Once Met Ravi By Coincidence But Ravi Had Big Plans For It All Along

Ravi had been planning this for 2 years!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and VIXX‘s Ravi guest appeared on Knowing Bros, where Seungkwan told a story about the time when he met Ravi by coincidence on the street!

Seungkwan and one of his SEVENTEEN members were walking down a street when they saw Ravi walking with a handful of shopping bags!

I was once walking at Apgujeong Rodeo Street with one of my members when I saw someone walking while flexing with a handful of shopping bags.

And it was Ravi!

— Seungkwan

Seungkwan invited Ravi to join them for dinner but didn’t really expect him to say yes as they weren’t close yet! But the three K-Pop kings went out for dinner and Ravi paid for the whole meal!

We were on our way to eat, so we asked him to join us. It turns out Ravi doesn’t know how to say no! It could’ve been awkward.

While we were eating pork belly, I said, ‘Hyung, we’ll buy dinner.’ But he responded, ‘Dude, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t buy dinner for you guys?’

And he bought it for us!

— Seungkwan

Realizing how his story made Ravi look like an angel, Seungkwan wondered if Ravi had bought them dinner just so he would mention his kindness on national TV one day.

And Ravi comically confessed, “I waited for the past 2 years!

Ever the comic duo, Seungkwan and Ravi revealed some of the funniest episodes within their friendship during the latest episode of Knowing Bros!

We love a sweet friendship between two kings!