SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Is The Most Successful Fanboy As He Meets Wonder Girls’ Sohee In Person For The First Time

Seungkwan is every fan when they meet their idol.

Every CARAT knows that SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan is the biggest fan of Wonder Girls, and he finally got his chance to meet one of the members, Sohee, in person.

During their first greetings, Seungkwan’s expressions show how excited and sincere he was just to be able to meet his idol in person.


Just engaging in conversation with Sohee was enough to send his heart fluttering. Though Seungkwan is typically a social butterfly, he was adorably nervous around his idol and couldn’t even look her in the eye.

However, when they got more comfortable with each other, Seungkwan didn’t hesitate to shower Sohee with praises, just like any fan would. Even the way he almost gets angry at her humble denial of her beauty is proof of his sincere support and love as a WonderFul.

While rewatching Wonder Girls’ performances and songs before their meeting, Seungkwan admitted that his heart was even more excited than usual since he knew he would meet Sohee.

Seungkwan fell in love with Wonder Girls in 4th grade, even dancing to their song “Tell Me” for his talent show. Though initially a little embarrassed to admit so, he emphasized how loved “Tell Me” was during that time.

Seungkwan is known for his vast knowledge and love of all things K-Pop, but being a WonderFul takes up the most space in his heart. After all, his passion for K-Pop started there, and it’s only continued to persist for fifteen years.

He also got the chance to sing Sohee’s part during “Girlfriend,” solidifying his WonderFul status.

Perhaps the biggest honor for Seungkwan, though, was Sohee’s high evaluation of SEVENTEEN, stating that they were an idol group she adores.

It’s so obvious that you practice a lot, and I can see you’re proud of your performances.

While every member of SEVENTEEN shines in his own way, Sohee loves how their different colors come together to paint a beautiful picture. The love the members have for each other is apparent even in their performances, where they focus on making the entire group shine by adding together their individual light.

Seungkwan will forever cherish the time he shared with Sohee, and there’s no doubt that his love for Wonder Girls only grew stronger after their meeting.