SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals What He Writes In His Diary

He called it his “emotional locker room”!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan revealed that he keeps a diary, and shared what he writes in it daily!

Seungkwan recently sat down with Elle Korea for an interview on their Youtube channel, where he was asked to attach “name tags” to items that mean a lot to him!

One of the items he pulled out was a diary, and he revealed that in his diary, he writes about the emotions he felt during each schedule, daily thoughts and more!

I write about my emotions at each schedule, what I did today, what I’ll be doing tomorrow. It’s a diary that I keep track of what I need to improve on. I write down what care I got, what workout I did, and stuff like that.

It doesn’t give me big realizations or anything like that, but it’s for self-satisfaction.It feels like I’m engraving everyday into my memory.

So I have it in my favorite color, navy!


As for the name tag he attached to it, Seungkwan called his diary his “emotional locker room”!

You can watch him talk about it here!