SEVENTEEN Share Innermost Thoughts About Their Growth In Forbes Interview

They’ve grown into such mature young men.

SEVENTEEN discussed their past, present, and the future in a recent interview with Forbes. And some questions, covering topics about SEVENTEEN’s identity and standing in the K-Pop industry, led to an in-depth look into what the members think about their careers at the moment!


The interviewer pointed out that their hit song “Adore U” was made in 2015, then continued to ask if the group has changed since then. While all the members had something meaningful to say about their growth, Mingyu pointed out that SEVENTEEN is now more fan-focused than anything else.

Back then, we were determined to show everyone who we were, but now we seem to be more focused on communicating with the audience.

— Mingyu


With 4 years of K-Pop industry experience under their belts, in addition to a huge and still growing fandom, SEVENTEEN members are now less occupied about getting their name out or having their faces shown – but are more dedicated to pleasing the audience that they do already have and making sure they are satisfying the loyal fans.


This isn’t to say that SEVENTEEN isn’t ambitious about becoming more globally known and successful. When the interviewer asked about K-Pop steadily building its presence in the worldwide music scene, S.Coups shared his vision of SEVENTEEN performing on more venues stateside.

There are a lot of great venues in America and I hope one day we can try harder and get the opportunity to perform on one of those stages. We’re not burdened by anything, we’re just enjoying everything along the way.

— S.Coups


And now, with more international fans hopping on the fandom and with K-Pop becoming a strong genre overall, SEVENTEEN members are more aware of their abilities to have big, impactful influences over things. As a part of the team’s growth, Vernon and members commented that they are constantly wanting to improve themselves and become better people in general.

I think our [position] benefits us to want to become better people so that we can be positive influences.

— Vernon


This particular interview has made Carats extra proud of how far SEVENTEEN members have come since 2015. With clearer goals and stronger wills, SEVENTEEN continue to overtake the world one Carat at a time!

Source: Forbes