SEVENTEEN Makes Sure All CARATs Are Loved And Included With ASL Interpreters At Their Concert In Seattle

They’ve also used sign language in many of their choreographies!

SEVENTEEN just wrapped up their stop in Seattle, Washington for their BE THE SUN world tour, and the concert was full of memorable moments.

Whether it be their adorable moments with fans

or their outstanding performances, SEVENTEEN didn’t disappoint in giving CARATs a concert of a lifetime.

But besides their spectacular performances, SEVENTEEN also made sure their love for all their fans could be felt during their precious time together. SEVENTEEN’s producer and close friend Bumzu posted a video on his story of the American Sign Language interpreters they hired for the concert.

SEVENTEEN have always done their best to make sure all CARATs feel loved and included because music is for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their disabilities.

Being a performance-heavy group, SEVENTEEN incorporates sign language in many of their choreographies, like their most recent title track, “_WORLD.”

Some other title tracks in which they used sign language are “Home,” “Clap,” and “Thanks,” and they’ve also included sign language in special tracks like “Snap Shoot” and “Darl+ing.”

They’ve been including sign language in their choreography since 2016 with “Pretty U.” Since SEVENTEEN are in charge of their own choreography, their constant inclusion of sign language speaks volumes about the care and love they put into everything they do.

Seungkwan has also used sign language during his gift for all mothers on Parents’ Day, delivering a touching performance along with his mesmerizing voice.

While people are first drawn to SEVENTEEN because of their artistry and chaotic dynamic, CARATs fall deeply in love with them over time because the members are always kind and respectful, even in the smallest of ways.


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