SEVENTEEN Is Blessing Fans With A Special “GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 BEST OF BEST” Live Stream

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To express their gratitude for the immense love they received from GOING SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN recently announced that they will be celebrating with a live stream, GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 BEST of BEST!

On February 8, Pledis Entertainment announced a live stream will be taking place by SEVENTEEN where the “BEST OF BEST” of GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 will be selected by the members themselves!

The live stream will take place at 5 PM KST on February 10th. Fans who want to reminiscences special moments during their live stream can watch it on the SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube channel!

The live stream comes as a prepared surprise gift by SEVENTEEN to showcase their gratitude for fan’s love for GOING SEVENTEEN 2020.

For those unfamiliar or new to GOING SEVENTEEN 2020, the show is SEVENTEEN’s representative content that is shared through the group’s YouTube channel. The show is especially loved by the fans because each episode is based on the member’s own creative ideas. This allows the members to be the host of the show.

With their original and unique ideas, funny personalities, and overall entertaining vibe, the GOING SEVENTEEN YouTube series has collected 100 million views in total with all episodes combined!

Fans are excited to see what the members find as the best moments in GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 BEST of BEST!