SEVENTEEN Spills Tea On The Time Hoshi Unknowingly Messed Up Their Manager’s Name

Hoshi’s little mistake is now a funny inside joke amongst members.

An online community posted a funny story revealed during an online broadcast with SEVENTEEN.


Originally, Seungkwan was to hold a quiet online broadcast to communicate with fans. But as other members slowly grouped, what was supposed to be a relaxed broadcast, turned into a talk show that lasted until 3 AM.




During their late-night talk show, they revealed a story about the time a new manager joined the team.

Hoshi, who did not know the name of the new manager, asked one of their other managers what his name was. The manager replied, “Oh, him? Song Jae Hyung.” Hoshi replied, “Oh, ‘Song Jae’ hyung~.”



Side note: The new manager’s full name is Song Jae Hyung, but Hoshi thought he meant his name was Song Jae and added ‘hyung’ which means older brother in Korean.

So, regardless of meeting for the first time, Hoshi would go around saying, “Song Jae Hyung! How long will it take?” or “Song Jae Hyung! Have you eaten?” But because the new manager didn’t say anything about it, Hoshi never knew that he was saying his name wrong.

After a few more days of him calling him ‘Song Jae’ hyung, an incident happened that cleared up the situation.


During practice one day, Hoshi said, “Song Jae Hyung! Please turn on the music~” When the other member’s heard this, they were shocked.

Hoshi, not understanding what was going on, thought nothing of it. The members then finally revealed that he was Jae Hyung ‘hyung’ and that ‘Song Jae Hyung’ was his full name.

After the story aired on the show, Hoshi left a comment on their official fan cafe that read, “It’s so funny thinking about it again. Thank you to our manager, hyung. Goodnight and sweet dreams to our carats!”


Luckily Hoshi’s adorable face can make anyone forgive him for his cute mistake!

Source: nate