SEVENTEEN Spoils New Japanese Single In An Adorable TikTok Video

The song sounds refreshing and fun!

In a video on their official TikTok account, SEVENTEEN spoiled part of their new Japanese song “Hitorijyanai”!

The cover art for “Hitorijyanai.” | Pledis Entertainment

The video, posted earlier today, features members DK, Jeonghan and The8 dancing to the new tune and has already collected over a million views.

The song sounds refreshing and fun, a perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer season. The title, “Hitorijyanai,” translates to “You are not alone,” which encompasses the meaning of the song: it’s a message of support to their fans and peers, promising to meet them again soon.

SEVENTEEN are sharing part of the song early to truly showcase how eager they are to reach out to fans and meet them again as quickly as possible. The videos they make and share before the release date will be compiled into a special music video for the song.

“Hitorijyanai” will be released on April 21 and will be followed by an online Japanese fan-meeting. You can watch the TikTok video below!


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♬ ひとりじゃない – SEVENTEEN

Source: Korea Herald