SEVENTEEN Stuns With Stellar Live Vocals During Encore Performance Of “God Of Music”

“DK’s voice always pierces right through my soul.”

On the November 3 episode of Music BankSEVENTEEN took home their third win for their latest title track, “God of Music”!

They also put on a phenomenal performance, as always, bringing high energy and captivating charisma to the stage.

It wasn’t this performance, though, but their encore stage that has people talking online due to their phenomenal vocals!

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)

Encore stages are notoriously criticized by listeners due to their being less or no vocal backing like there usually is in planned performances, and thus they tend to show what an idol’s raw vocals actually sound like.

Unfortunately, this has led to some very negative and cruel comments towards some performances that haven’t held up to expectations, but that certainly wasn’t the case this time!


From the first lines sung by main vocalist DK, netizens were blown away by the group’s incredible vocal skills. Hoshi and Vernon quickly show off their singing and rapping abilities too as the group dresses up in adorable yellow raincoats.

The praises for the talented idols are flooding in on social media.

And on a forum post discussing the encore performance, the comments section is filled with nothing but appreciation and admiration!

Here’s to many more “God of Music” wins and encore performances!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa