SEVENTEEN Proves They’re The Kings Of Synchronization With Their “Anyone” Dance Practice Video

They’re so satisfying to watch!

SEVENTEEN has many titles, self-producing idols, variety kings, and more! While they are all of those things, SEVENTEEN has especially gained a lot of attention for their impressive synchronization!

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With having 13 members, one would think being in sync with one another would be incredibly difficult but of course, SEVENTEEN proves it’s more than possible to be flawless.


Since their debut, fans have been mind-blown by the amazing performances and garnered a lot of attention for their amazing synchronization. It was so recognized that it was even mentioned on an episode of Idol Room and showed it off.

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While Carats are always well aware of their skills, SEVENTEEN really proved their synchronization with their recent dance practice video for “Anyone.”

From their hands to their feet, everything was flawless and it was truly satisfying to watch!

The incredible harmony between all the members is incredibly stunning that Carats flooded the comments and expressed how satisfying it is.

Check out the video below:

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