SEVENTEEN’s The8 Just Released His Single, And It Shot Straight To Number One

Millions of people supported it in less than two hours.

If SEVENTEEN always manages to dominate music charts with their releases as a group, they’re just as successful with their solo releases.

On May 7, The8 dropped his newest single “Falling Down” along with a beautifully artistic video.

Using inspiration from his darkest moments, The8 stunningly demonstrated his struggles through dance…

along with his ability to overcome them by fighting to pull himself up.

While Jun was quick to show how excited he was for its release, calling it “a work of art,” he was far from the only one who thought so. The beauty of the dance and the song was so touching that it instantly shot up to the number one spot on one of China’s biggest streaming platforms: QQ Music.

“Falling Down” gained over two million likes to shoot to the top spot. It not only became the number one song but earned the title of a “Screaming Popular Gold Single.”

The news must be even sweeter to hear for The8 since it’s a song he put his heart into, from participating in composing it, writing hauntingly beautiful lyrics, and creating stunning choreography.

Check out the breathtaking video for the lovely “Falling Down” that instantly took number one in everyone’s hearts.