The Sexy Outfit From SEVENTEEN’s “HOT” The8 Is Banned From Wearing On Music Shows

Fans were hoping to see him wear it on stage.

SEVENTEEN recently dropped their comeback music video for “HOT”, quickly climbing its way up YouTube’s trending music videos list.

While fans were loving the group’s sexy styling, The8 revealed there’s one look from the music video he won’t be able to wear any time soon.


Towards the end of the music video, The8 wore a pair of light-wash patchwork jeans with a colorful see-through shirt.

The shirt alone was so sexy that Carats hoped to see him wear it on stage but might not get the chance.

During his recent Weibo live broadcast, The8 told fans the see-through shirt wasn’t approved because it failed to meet “broadcasting guidelines” for Korean music shows. He even warned fans that he most likely won’t be able to wear it again. That didn’t stop fans from holding out hope.

Fans even pointed out how The8 could wear a similar see-through outfit for their Music Bank stage.

Even so, Carats found a way to make it happen. Since The8 can’t wear it on music shows, nothing’s stopping him from wearing the sexy outfit for an overseas concert.

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