“But If You Know Who I Am…” SEVENTEEN’s The8 Is Being Praised For His Honesty About Interacting With Fans Outside Of Official Schedules

“We need more honest idols like The8!”

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 is gaining attention and praise for his honesty when talking about interactions between fans and idols.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 | @xuminghao_o/Instagram

Since debuting, The8 has always impressed fans with his amazing talent, stage presence, visuals, and charm.


Yet, the idol has gained attention for his honesty when talking about interactions with fans. On August 10, The8 surprised fans with a broadcast on Weibo.

While chatting with fans about what he’s been doing, the idol has also gained attention after talking about meeting fans while he is out and about.

During the broadcast, The8 explained how he can feel if someone is staring at him but acknowledged that it’s probably because they feel shy to approach him.

I can feel that you’re staring at me at least 90% of the time. But maybe a lot of people feel shy, or maybe there are other reasons…

— The8

The8 then explained and went on to address fans who secretly film idols. He started by explaining that if you know who he is or who SEVENTEEN is, he doesn’t mind if people come and say hi to him.

People secretly look at you, secretly film you…it’s not that I think you can’t do this, but if you know who I am, or if you like me or my group, then just simply say hi.

— The8

Yet, he honestly shared that while he understands that people might get shy, he would have to react if he saw someone recording him secretly.

If you’re afraid of disturbing me and don’t say hi, but you’re secretly filming me, then I’ll have to hide from you.

— The8

In particular, he pointed out that secretly recording him would start a “vicious” cycle that would make him feel uncomfortable and make the interaction far from positive.

If I hide from you, then you would come find me. If you find me, then I would feel uncomfortable. I think that just becomes a vicious cycle.

— The8

When the video was posted online, it quickly gained praise from netizens who couldn’t stop gushing over The8’s honesty. It is no secret that The8 loves his fans, but he is also willing to be honest about boundaries between idols and their fans that many feel need to be addressed.

While it’s not surprising that fans might be scared or nervous to speak to their favorite stars, idols are still humans and deserve to feel comfortable being out and about without worrying about being recorded without knowing.

Source: Weibo